Honduras 2017

Video created by Ashley Names, RN, 2017 volunteer.

About Us

Our team

Gila Valley Medical Projects is a partner of Peacework International.

We are a non-profit, secular volunteer group.

Trip Date set: 2019 June 29 to July 6.

Please email if you are interested in volunteering.

Spanish speaking prefered.

MD's, NP's, PA's, RN's needed to serve as well as support staff.

Approximate trip cost $1200.


Our history

Non-profit serving Nacaome, Honduras, since 2009. 



We provide free healthcare to the underserved community annually. We see approximately 400 patients daily for a week. 

Our host family ensures that we have food and provides a safe home for our stay.

Our mission

Collaborating with the local health community and providing quality care.

Helpful Downloads & FAQ for Volunteers

The trip fee is $400 this covers transportation from Tegucigalpa to the town of Nacome about 2-hour drive as well as all food that week and home. The Mejia family arranges all of our Honduras transportation.

We stay with the Brenda Mejia family- it is a hacienda-style house, and it will be like camping.

There is not "running" water, so we take "bucket" baths, there are toilets that we use a bucket flush.

Brenda is well established in the community- her parents built the home we stay at. Brenda is the local principal and has been our community coordinator with the mayor and red cross. Her daughter, Dr.Daniela Mejia-Bumbernick coordinates the medical aspect.

Vaccines- CDC: 


Yellow fever is probably the only vaccine you don't have unless you have been to a country that you needed this.

For the team, we require you purchase the airline ticket with our travel agent, approx. $938, the quote for 2018. We want to ensure that all team members arrive and depart Tegucigalpa at the same time for Honduran coordination to make it easier for Brenda to arrange the bus travel.

Our team member has to slot one bag of luggage for the meds. We order the meds ourselves from MAP projects- we order approx $4000 meds annually. We have a specific formulary we use each year that our hospital pharmacist has developed based on the health needs. We have to carry the meds on the plane with us because you can't ship the meds due to cost and trouble ensuring you get the meds after the fact. During the week of service we see approximately 400 patients daily depending on our number of providers for the trip. The local Honduran nurses register the patients. Our trip is cheaper than most because we don't have a paid admin.team or office.